A Primer on ATM Patent Infringement re: Automated Transactions LLC

NH banking attorney John Funk and litigation attorney Matt Cairns, both of Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, teamed up to analyze the issue faced by many banks and credit unions in the face of claims by Automated Technologies LLC relating to the processing of transactions through their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Their article, A Primer on Automated Transactions LLC Claim of Patent Infringement by Bank ATMs, came out of their early work on the case with client banks in New Hampshire and the northeast, and presents a thoughtful analysis of the settle vs. litigate dilemma.

According to the pair the central issue is: 
"Automated Transactions contends that it holds an exclusive license for the use of an internet interface to conduct transactions of the type that are commonly conducted from ATM machines — dispensing cash, account inquiries, balance transfers and the like. It asserts that subsequent to the grant of the patent, financial institutions (and retailers which offer ATM services) and their service providers have been using an Internet interface to process ATM transactions and have been infringing the patents."
Automated Transactions has sought to enforce 13 patents, 12 of which are “continuations” of the original patent 6,945,457 (the '457 Patent) — continuation patents apply the original patent in a variety of contexts.

The article continues to be updated to reflect new information and developments in the patent infringement case. Click here to read the full article: ATM Patent Infrignment.

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