NH's Improved Renewable Portfolio Standards Law Passes

Energy market analyst Heidi Kroll writes about the key changes and benefits of New Hampshire'ss Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) law (Senate Bill 218), which received strong bipartisan support and passed into law on June 19th. Kroll calls the law a win-win-win for the state's ratepayers, economy and environment, writing that:
"The strong bipartisan support for NH Senate Bill 218 (SB 218) stems from the fact that the bill is a win-win for New Hampshire’s ratepayers, economy, and environment. SB 218 gained the support of republicans and democrats alike and ultimately passed the Senate 23-0 and the House 292-52."
She also provides a brief history of the renewable energy portfolio law going back to 2008. To read about the key changes, go to the full article at: NH Lawmakers Back Bipartisan Reforms to State’s Renewable Portfolio Standards Law.

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