CoolSculpt by Zeltiq Introduced on Boston's South Shore

Dr. Christine Hamori, a plastic surgeon on Boston's South Shore, is pleased to announce that CoolSculpting from Zeltiq, a new FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure for fat reduction, is now available at her practice in Duxbury, MA on Boston's South Shore. CoolSculpting from Zeltiq uses an innovative method of precisely controlled cooling to help reduce unsightly fat bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.

The science behind the Coolsculpting procedure is called Cryolipolysis, which was developed by dermatologists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Their research showed that fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues, and that fat cells can be safely eliminated without harming the overlying skin. This discovery led to the development of the non-invasive Zeltiq procedure.

According to Dr. Hamori, “The new treatment is best suited for relatively fit persons who seek spot reduction for specific trouble areas of fat, but who do not want a surgical invasive procedure."

Dr. Hamori also cautioned that the treatment is not intended for weight reduction, and it is not intended to replace other invasive procedures, like traditional liposuction, for those seeking for more a pronounced result in fat reduction.

For more information, see Dr. Hamori's web page on Zeltiq.

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