Who You Gonna Call?

A look at Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly's compilation of the top verdicts and settlement in Massachusetts at the halfway point in 2008, reveals again that when it comes to medical malpractice lawsuits, there's really only one game in town — Lubin & Meyer. Of the 5 medical malpractice settlements and 1 medical malpractice jury verdict that topped the charts in the first half of the year, Lubin & Meyer attorneys represented the plaintiffs in all but one case. In 5 of the top cases, Lubin & Meyer effectuated payment of nearly $18 million, while Halstrom Law Offices settled one of the top settlements for $6 million — a birth injury case (the top settlement so far in 2008). See Mass. Lawyers Weekly, June 2, 2008 issue, page 8.

To learn more about specific cases, see the Lubin & Meyer web site where you can access trial reports on the settlements:
$5 million for delay in diagnosis of cancer
$5 million for misdiagnosed cardiac arrest
$4.85 million for birth injury involving hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.

And, jury verdict:
$9.1 million related to woman who died after thyroid surgery.

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