In Down Economy, Bone Up on Separation Agreements

With the economy in a slow down, and employee terminations looming, a timely article for employers and HR professionals is offered by Massachusetts employment lawyer Robert Shea. In Reducing Staff in a Down Economy: Handling Terminations and Using Separation Agreements, Shea writes:
Despite the general rule that the employment relationship is “at-will” and can be terminated at any time, with or without notice, reason or cause, there are many exceptions to the at-will rule, making each termination open to potential legal challenge. Moreover, when the job market is difficult and terminated employees have a hard time finding work, they are more likely to pursue litigation against their former employer. In our practice, we are witnessing first-hand both the increase in terminations and the corresponding increase in lawsuits by terminated employees.
Read the article for more information on handling terminations, using separation agreements, and steps employers can take to reduce the risk of legal claims and liability in a challenging economic environment.

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