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BOSTON — Attorney Andrew Meyer and his medical malpractice team at Boston law firm Lubin & Meyer again lead the way in Massachusetts with 18 settlements of $1 million or more, and 2 of the year's largest verdicts. These figures according to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, which tracks and publishes the data each year as part of its Verdicts & Settlements report. The largest medical malpractice verdict of the year was tried by Crowe & Mulvey for $26 million for a child injured at birth resulting in cerebral palsy and hypoxic encephalopathy.

Below are highlighted the lawsuits tried or settled by Lubin & Meyer in 2007. Those that are underlined will link to a more detailed description of the case.

Medical malpractice verdicts
$4.4 million ($6.1 million with interest) - Negligence
$2.5 million ($4.12 with interest) - Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice settlements
$5 million - Newborn in fetal distress suffers brain damage
$4.9 million - Infant suffers fetal distress; born with cerebral palsy
$3 million - Patient sustains brain injury following surgical procedure
$2.5 million - Cord wrapped around baby's neck; child suffers from seizures
$2 million - Part of colon removed after delay in diagnosis
$2 million - Woman's leg amputated for lack of blood flow
$2 million - Man, 78, succumbs to bowel obstruction
$2 million - Pap smears read as normal; cancer diagnosis made later
$1.9 million - Patient with headache dies of thrombus in brain
$1.7 million - Patient dies of emboli after different diagnoses
$1.5 million - Man claims unneeded surgery led to pneumonia, lung collapse
$1.5 million - Teen dies of nasal cancer; wasn't referred to specialist
$1.2 million - Newborn sustains injuries from delayed intubation
$1 million - Patient diagnosed with breast cancer; claims MDs refused testing
$1 million - Patient dies of colon cancer following repeated complaints
$1 million - C-section delayed; baby born with brain injury
$1 million - Diabetes goes undiagnosed; young man dies after seizures
$1 million - Child undergoes eye surgery; blindness ensues

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