Law Services Trends / Outlook 2008

Here's a quick round up of articles examining and contemplating legal services trends in 2008.

Via Amy Campbell's Law Firm Marketing Web Log:
Legal Services Trends 2007-2008 with a report from the Legal Marketing Association New England Conference in November of 2007 citing findings of the BTI Consulting Group.

From the same blog see: More on Legal Services Outlook for 2008, which states, “This year… a substantial number of firm leaders admit to being uneasy about the future. More than a quarter reported that they were uncertain about their firm’s prospects next year, and a few said they felt downright pessimistic. What’s going on?” See David Bario's article in The American Lawyer, Am Law 200 Managing Partners Issue Fog Advisory for 2008.

Also, Robert Denney's annual "What's Hot and What's Not in the Legal Profession" is a collection of trends seen my this long time law firm marketer and strategic planner. Visit his site to request the document.

And, published earlier here on Law Links, is December 2007 issue of Mirus Capital Advisors newsletter, Viewpoint: Optimism/Pessimism: The Outlook for Mid-Market M&A in 2008.

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