Lawyers on Why Proposed Merger Not Always A Done Deal

Several sources on why deals fail...

Shannon Zollo on Why Deals Fail - Quoted in Mirus Capital Advisors' Newsletter
Attorney Shannon Zollo is one of several lawyers polled in the April issue of Mirus Capital Advisors' Viewpoint, a newsletter focusing this month on the common reasons why deals falter. In the article, Sellers Beware: Five Problems That Can Sink Your Deal, Zollo is asked to comment on disclosures and due diligence. "Buyers can't make a fully informed decision if they don't know all the material facts about a company," he said. Trying to avoid full disclosure, said Zollo, will "invariably come back to haunt you."

Also: Boston Business Journal's Randolph Savings says it has the means to grow without Bristol County details a series of unfortunate events that ultimately killed the proposed merger of Bristol County Savings Bank and Randolph Savings Bank.

After all, the deal was all but done. Bristol County Savings' corporators -- some 81 people -- had already approved the transaction unanimously. A detailed integration and operating plan was formally submitted to the Massachusetts Division of Banks. Randolph Savings CEO Ron Grant and Kelly, Bristol County Savings' CEO, had spent tens of thousands of dollars and scores of hours checking off the merger's final details.
Plus: Eleven Potential Deal Killers To Spot Early from Business Development Solutions.

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