Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Trends - Top Settlements 2004

By the numbers: A look at the top "84 Settlements of $1 Million Or More" for 2004 published by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reveals a few things. Of the 84 settlements, about 31 percent were medical malpractice cases (26); and of those med-mal cases, Lubin & Meyer, PC was the top firm with 46 percent of cases listing it as plaintiff's counsel (12 settlements). The next closest was Crowe & Mulvey with 4 cases.

Follow the money: The range of all settlement listed in the article was between $1 million to $536 million (a Microsoft/Novell case) with the highest med-mal settlement coming in at $5.5 million (a brain damage case involving a nurse and midwife). Total dollar amount for all 84 cases: more than $2.7 billion. Medical Malpractice cases accounted for 50.45 million of that, or roughly 1.9% of the total settlement dollars for cases of $1 million or more. The average settlement for med-mal cases was $1.94 million (of those cases listed in the article). Top case settler, Lubin & Meyer, averaged roughly $2.32 million per settlement.

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